In Development

Choo Choo Productions is a result of our combined search to find challenging projects to be involved in, with artists that we wanted to work with. Instead of looking for other vehicles to express our ideas and utilise our skills, we decided to create our own.

Choo Choo has a number of projects at various stages of development.

Crash Test Divorce

CTD-Final Edit-Web-02108

Short – Completed

Dir: Dana Marie Newell

A married couple are forced to confront their true feelings after an accident traps them in their vehicle.


Half of Me


Short – currently in post production

Director: Katrina Mathers

Helen tries to justify the abandonment of her daughter, Tabitha, nearly 10 years ago.

Half of Her


Short – currently in Pre-Production

Director: Harry Anderson

Adam is conflicted as to whether he should pass on a letter to his daughter, Tabs.

All of Me


Short – currently in Pre-Production

Director: Lee McClenaghan

Teenager Tabs reflects on the letter she’s received from her estranged mother, Helen.


Budgies_MASTER_HoldingOnline series

In story development, filming 2018

Two lifeguards, two egos, one beach.



In story development, filming 2018